The Best Exercise While You Work

16 Jan The Best Exercise While You Work

I’m coming clean. I’m an exercising multi-tasker. This blog post is being written while I’m on a step machine in my apartment.

I know, call me crazy.

For the past few months it’s been challenging to get to the gym because I’ve had so much work to do after taking on new responsibilities at work and at home. I found myself sitting at my computer being productive and pumping out hours worth of work, but my workouts were severely suffering. And suffering workouts can’t happen in my line of work.

The idea of sitting behind a computer all day is not foreign to me either. Before I started Barefoot Tiger, I worked in corporate offices for 3 years and spent countless hours glued to my chair and computer. I understand the struggle of ‘fitting it all in’ and finding workouts that fit with a busy schedule and lifestyle.

So what do you do when things aren’t working? Be inventive and find a solution.

I kept wishing that I could bring my computer down to the gym with me and do work on it, but then I realized how crazy that would be – but only because the computer would keep sliding off the treadmill, not because I would look like a maniac (which I would).

Inspired by my Swiss Aunt and Uncle who have steppers at their standing desks, I decided to look into that option. I thought it would cost hundreds of dollars to get one of these things and it would be the size of a boat in a tiny NYC apartment. But nope! For a reasonable $61, I got a portable little elliptical machine that is run on my own effort – no electrical cords or fancy electronics to break. I slide it up to the bar in our kitchen and wham-bam, I have an exercising desk. (Which I have been on for about 45 minutes now and my legs are burning!) My cats are also a little freaked out.

The only thing I can think right now is “What took me so long to get one of these!?”

I know productivity experts would tell me multi-tasking doesn’t work, and trainers would say that not focusing on your workout is wasted energy at the gym. But in my opinion, working out and working at the same time is better than sitting on my tuckus all day, thinking about how much I know I need to be at the gym.

This is the best $61 I’ve spent in a long time, and I know I’m going to wear this thing into the ground (or my living room floor, whichever comes first). You gotta try it!

What are your tips for ‘fitting it in’? I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with that works for you!

*PS:In no way am I benefiting from the promotion of this step machine and the company has no idea I’m writing this post.

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