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“The best thing about working with Barefoot Tiger? The people. Hands down, the people. There is an understanding that this is a human experience. But what makes working with Barefoot Tiger just a cut above the rest is the fact that there is a human relationship. There is somebody there who is not just qualified, but who cares.”

– Simon Sinek, New York City


“Barefoot Tiger has helped me find balance because I have found a means to stay consistent in my exercise and to think more rationally about food. I have learned that I can have a fun meal out with friends, but then need to be more focused in my eating in the days following. I have learned that I feel best when I only do 3 to 4 days of cardio per week. Any more than that actually makes me feel fatigued and grumpy…These past two years, I have learned what MY body, mind and spirit need in order for me to be my very best. When I give myself what I need, my family and the people who count on me get so much more of my good energy and my presence of mind, not just my attendance in the same space with them. [The Barefoot Tiger staff have been] a perfect match for me. They are all so intelligent, committed, but not zealous or heavy-handed. They are normal people who live a healthy lifestyle and totally understand the give and take of fitting in consistent exercise in a hectic life…The quality of the guidance has been exceptional…”

– Barb L. | Producer, New York City


“I have been working with Barefoot Tiger since the summer of 2007…When I started working with BT, I wanted to get in shape and enjoy doing so. I did! My yoga practice got really great (I stared out with zero experience), and I lost around twenty pounds working with Karen on Nutrition. I also lowered my cholesterol and learned how to better distress. Both Jessica and Karen have been especially positive and encouraging with me. I often hear both Jessica and Karen’s voices in my head challenging me to try something new or see how a different type of exercise feels (as opposed to pushing harder! Or, keep up the will power!). What I like about Barefoot Tiger trainers and counselors is that while they are always available to me. I feel more independent about my fitness routines and eating habits than before, since they’ve taught me how to keep them healthy and manageable on my own…I did not expect how much my lifestyle would change once I got hooked on eating better and doing more yoga. Finding a connection between how I care for myself physically and how I care for myself spiritually has ultimately been very fulfilling.”

– Amy B. | Artist, New York City


“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome about 10 years. Since then, I’ve been to numerous doctors and alternative health providers to find relief for my symptoms. After finding little to no relief I resigned myself to a life of chronic pain and fatigue. However, after my second child was born, my Fibromyalgia and CFS became virtually incapacitating. That’s when I heard about Barefoot Tiger. Out of desperation I decided to try one more time. Barefoot Tiger set me up with Karen, a wholistic food counselor. Today, only four months later, I am virtually symptom-free! I’ve even been able to get off my medications! I never thought it was possible to live without pain and fatigue. And it was so easy. Karen has opened up a whole new world of eating and living that I never knew existed. Even though I had been to a nutritionist in the past, she focused solely on calorie counting and not education about the food I was putting into my body. Yet, through Karen I’ve been able to go from rarely cooking to making fresh, vitamin-packed meals that surprisingly taste delicious and make me feel phenomenal! My husband says that I have completely changed and for that I am forever grateful to Barefoot Tiger and their staff. Thank You!!!!”

– Kayle K. | Manhattan


“I have been so pleased with your influence on my health, my physique and my life. I am so grateful for your hard work and focus and positive spirit which all combined to help me achieve the goal I set for myself. You have been so supportive and encouraging and the cliche is true: I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very, very much.”

– Liz P. | Sr. VP of Advertising, Ralph Lauren, New York City


“Just wanted to drop you a note to sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge…I’ve always been the type of person to order in or eat whatever is microwaveable in the freezer. It hasn’t been until recently that I decided to actively pursue better health through exercise and proper nutrition. Your tips have been SO helpful to me. Wanted you to know that someone out there really appreciates your efforts. So thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!!”

– Jen K. | New York City


“I was looking to improve my diet and lose some weight, so I signed up for a 6 month program with Barefoot Tiger. They made me feel very comfortable, and created a program that focused on my weaknesses. They also went above and beyond to help with me with random requests, like sporadic gym sessions, going to the grocery store with me and dining out at a healthy restaurant. I ended up losing the weight I wanted to lose, and also have a much better awareness of my diet and how different foods affect me. Barefoot Tiger offers a wealth of knowledge – real people who understand how real people eat. I highly recommend their programs to anyone who is ready to make the change!”

– Katie K. | Advertising Executive, New York City


“For the first time ever I ENJOY working out & look forward to it! Barefoot Tiger helps me achieve my goals & celebrates my achievements, which makes me want to workout even more! I’d never do the things I do now with out them. Plus, my healthcare providers love that my trainer takes an active part in my health and keeping me healthy.”

– Michelle C. | New York City


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