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Darrell Clemmer

Darrell is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He specializes in weight training for total body conditioning, weight-loss, weight-gain and bodybuilding. Darrell enjoys helping clients find the same emotional and physical benefits that he finds in physical fitness.

Darrell is currently in school to complete his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.



National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer: 2007 – Present, American Heart Association , Adult CPR/Heartsaver AED: 2006 – Present , International Sports Conditioning Association, Instructor Certification, Boxing Level 1: 2007



Personal Training: Integrated Fitness Training, Strength Training, TRX Suspension Trainer, Power Plate North America, Maternal Fitness, PROedge, Professional Bodybuilding/Fitness Instruction


What brought you to Barefoot Tiger?
The ability to be independent and at the same time a part of a team that shares the same values I have when it comes to personal training. Values like teaching proper exercise techniques, working hard, being safe and keeping it FUN!


What is your favorite movie quote?
“You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it’s ain’t about hard ya hit…it’s about how hard ya can get hit.”
“How much you can take and KEEP MOVING FORWARD? That’s how winning is DONE.” -Rocky Balboa


Who is your favorite super hero?
Being a self-proclaimed comic book geek, some of my favorite super heroes are The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Superman.


What is something people would probably like to know about you?
Most of my friends I’m just simply “D”. My friends have described me as quiet, funny, loyal, passionate, reserved and thoughtful. I come from an art background and have been drawing since I can remember. I went to SVA where I studied cartooning/illustration. Although I don’t get to draw as often as I would like, I still try to do some creative projects, from making a t-shirt to designing logos.