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New York City


Alicia Dellimore

Alicia C. Dellimore is an evolved dance artist, personal trainer, Pilates & yoga instructor. Her mission is to guide her followers through thought provoking movement, form corrective exercises, posture stabilizing alignment, and an empowered meditative flow.

Dance has served Alicia as an anchor- a grounding medium that blossomed the passions of yoga, fitness, nutrition, and energy healing. Alicia found her artistic voice once introduced to dance improvisation and composition. Once concerned to perform the “right” way, for the “right” reasons, for “right” people, Alicia practices to let go of other’s limitations & truths by listening to her inner voice. In both career and life, she’s guided by following her desires.

Through her sessions, you begin to understand the increased sense of well being one gains from consistent physical activity.


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
Joschi Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Program (200hr)
Equinox Fitness Training Institute Program
The Lab; Pilates Mat Certification Training



High Intensity Interval and Circuit Training
TRX, Kettlebell, BodyWeight focus and Yoga / Pilates / Training blends