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Alyssa Santos

Alyssa started at Massage Therapy School about 15 years ago when she was a little lost. Soon after, someone suggested she also become a personal trainer and she thought that person was nuts because she was far too fat. But, for some reason, she applied anyway and got the job. Through learning and training and being inspired by clients, she lost 60lbs and they reached their goals too! So, she gets it. She listens, and she loves tailoring each session and massage and intake to each person. Personally she keeps that weight off by doing a ton of yoga, spin, hiking and weight training… plus chasing her sock stealing puppy around the house.



NASM CPT and Licensed Massage Therapist, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Pregnancy, Athletic boxing, Experience with yoga, Pilates, kettlebells, Nutrition advice.



8 years of Class Room Yoga Instruction, Kettle bells for Personal Trainers, Shiatsu for Massage Therapists, Rehab or Strength Training for Athletes, and Flexibility.


What is your greatest accomplishment?
Probably losing the weight. Second to packing all my stuff in a car driving across country and start a life in LA. Both were hard, scary and something I am still working on.


What traits in others are you attracted to?
Honesty, Sense of Humor and Adventurous.


How do you want to be remembered?
As a hard working chick who loved to have fun.


If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
Anywhere I can relax as well as explore with my boyfriend.


What word describes you best?