Is Yoga Bad for You?

08 Jan Is Yoga Bad for You?

There is a lot of chatter around the yoga community about yoga being listed as ‘No. 1’ for causing sports injuries. Articles have been written for years about yoga injuries, from the NY Times “When Yoga Hurts” which sent the yoga community into a spinning mess. 

Yoga is beneficial on so many levels, but the wide-reaching styles and variations of the practice can also make it a mine field. 

Usually we look for the type of yoga that fits our personality and encourages our strengths and flexibility, rather than working on our weaknesses. And this ‘flexibility’ of yoga styles is exactly what can lead to injury. We throw ourselves in the the hardest classes, trying to squeeze ourselves into the most complicated poses possible to prove to ourselves that we can do it.
Rather than looking for what’s easy, what if we did something completely different for a change? What if we took a step back and actually worked LESS?
In our ‘do-more’ society, less is not such an evil word…less could actually save you.

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