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Maybe you’ve said these things to your best friend so many times, you’re tired of hearing them yourself:


“I know I need to work out, I just don’t know what I’m doing.”
“If I didn’t have to work out, I wouldn’t do it.”
“I could use a little push.”
“I’m stuck in the same plateau I’ve been in for the last 15 years.”

It’s easy to come up with excuses for putting it off – to keep doing what you’re doing, even though you’re older and wiser but your workout is still celebrating the millennium.


You are capable of so much more.


You already know you have to work out. But don’t work out because you “have to”.


Work out because you’re excited to run a half marathon – even though you never in a million years would have thought of yourself as a ‘runner’. Work out because you’ve decided now is the time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Work out to hear your Doctor tell you at 51, that you have the body of a 35 year old. (yes, this really happened to one of our clients!) Work out because sometimes it feels like therapy. And if you have a trainer? Even more like therapy.

Hell, sometimes it’s even better than therapy.


Sure you can go to the gym and work out on your own. We encourage it!


But what if you could get more out of 1 hour a week with a trainer than you do with 3 hours at the gym by yourself?


What would you do with those extra 2 hours a week? How much extra work could you get done? How much extra time could you spend with your kids? And what if you applied those 2 hours to even MORE time with your trainer?


You, my friend, would be in kick. ass. shape. And a parent who spends time with their kids. And a business owner who has more time to dream.


Working with a trainer is far more than handing you weights and telling you to do a million squat presses.


It’s about uncovering the nuances of how your body works, together. It’s teaching you exactly how YOUR body works so that when your sciatica kicks in 2 miles into your run, you know exactly what to do. It’s helping you feel confident that one day, you could do all of this on your own. Of course, we love keeping you accountable and that’s what we’re here for too, but just knowing that you COULD do it all on your own if you wanted to …. now that feels spectacular.


When you work with one of our trainers, you’re in the hands of someone who actually cares that you didn’t sleep well last night. She cares that your left elbow is sore from cradling your sleeping 3-month old. He cares that your back is achy because you sat on a plane for 14 hours straight yesterday.


These may seem like inconsequential ‘gripes’ to you, but to your trainer, they are little gems of insight into how your body is working for you – and how it’s not. The best part is, she knows exactly what to do with them (and can teach you too).
It doesn’t matter if one day is completely different than the next or that you ate too much last night. Throw anything at him, and he’ll be right there for you.
No judgement, no stress, and lots of laughing (we like laughing).


But you know what the best part is?


Having someone tell you what to do is so much nicer when it comes from someone you trust.


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Top Photo Model: Alyssa Mann