How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer for Your Needs: Part 2

14 Dec How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer for Your Needs: Part 2

Part 2 of a 3-part series:

We know how important it is to choose the right personal trainer. You’ll be spending a LOT of time together and it’s a big investment.

In Part 1 we explored the first important traits to look for in a trainer:

* Certifications.
* A strong knowledge of anatomy.
* Ability to listen to you and understand your goals.
* Willingness to work with you on your goals, not theirs.

And to continue:
1. They are flexible. Say you had a bad night’s sleep last night because your dog kept you up all night, or your back feels a little ‘tweaky.’ A great trainer can switch things up at the last minute if you need them to and tailor the session to meet you at your energy level and ability that day.

2. They are encouraging and help you feel successful. Your personal trainer should be your biggest cheerleader. Even if you have some setbacks toward your goals, they are always encouraging and right there with you to keep you motivated. A great personal trainer will also choose exercises that fit your level of ability, so you always feel successful.

3. They are 100% focused on you, 100% of the time you’re with them. A great personal trainer is completely focused on you during your session. Their cell phones should be nowhere in sight and you should feel like the only person in the room when you’re working together. If their focus is elsewhere, how can they keep you safe?

4. They genuinely care. You know that comforting feeling you get when you spend time with someone you really like? That’s a great way to feel about your personal trainer and a good trainer will go to great lengths to help you feel well cared-for.

5. They can tell you why they are choosing a particular exercise, and what the goal is. Your personal trainer should be able to communicate the purpose behind a specific exercise. S/he should be able to tell you which muscles working to help you feel it in the right places, and help you understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the exercise. Which leads to:

Part 3!

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