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Commit Like Your Life Depends on It

Commit like your life depends on it.
 Because it does.

Maybe yesterday’s never-ending meeting with your creative team has you feeling exhausted and utterly spent.
Maybe your brain is a muddled mess after the two trans-Atlantic flights you’ve taken in the last three days, not to mention the massive knots in your lower back…and neck…Oh wait, all over your entire body.
Or maybe you finally finished Physical Therapy for a slipped disc and you’re excited (umm no…actually terrified) to throw yourself into a group class where there’s no time to stop and think about what you are doing, not to mention if you’re doing it right.

You feel too overwhelmed to do anything more than “just enough”. But “just enough” doesn’t cut it.
  You have bigger plans for yourself.

You don’t have to settle for ‘just enough’.

You can be that person you always thought was crazy for being at the gym at 5am every day.
  You can be that person who has the guts to say ‘no’ to meetings that get in the way of their workouts.
  You can dust off those 10lb weights that have been rusting in your coat closet for the last 5 years and tell your best friend (or better yet, your mom!) that you’re finally ready to do this. And actually mean it.
Commit to start.
  You don’t have to know exactly what you are doing, that’s why we’re here.
  Lucky for you, we’ve logged decades of work preparing for you. You can have the city’s best Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers and Pilates Instructors right at your door, with packages starting at just $128/session.
Commit to start. And then commit to keep going.
Because the worst kind of commitment to flake out on? Is the one to yourself.

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