Carpal Tunnel…Solved!

11 Jun Carpal Tunnel…Solved!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We like to call it ‘techno tunnel.’

We spend so much time typing and pressing our big fingers on to tiny screen keyboards that many of us have created a spindle of pressure in our hands / arms / necks.

CTS is caused by compression of the median nerve found in the wrist, and can also stem from tightness in your arm and neck. (Who knew?!)**

Fortunately, you can do a lot to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome before it starts. First, consider that your arms and wrists often express the positioning of your shoulders and back. If your shoulders are hunched over, what will your arms and wrists do? Focus on stretching not just the affected area, but the connecting areas as well.

If you’re like most of us and type / email / tweet / post all day long, try doing these several times a day to stretch your arms and back:

– Interlace your fingers in front of your chest and turn your palms to face out. Push your palms forward stretching the base of your palm as much as possible and round your back. Lift your palms toward the ceiling, straightening your back and dropping your shoulders. Exhale and reach forward, inhale reach up. Do a set of 15.

– Sitting up or standing tall, reach your right arm out to the side with the palm facing up. Extend your hand down toward the floor and stretch the fingers long. Place your other hand on your right ear and gently pull your head to the left, stretching your neck and shoulder. Take 10 breaths, then switch to the other side.
– Standing next to a desk or sitting on your knees, turn your palms up to face the ceiling with your arms straight. Bring your fingertips to the floor or desk a few inches in front of your knees or the edge of the desk. Gently press the base of your palms to the surface away from your knees, stretching out the inside of your forearm.- Stand facing a wall and raise your right arm out to the side, parallel to the floor. Slowly turn your feet and body away from the wall so the shoulder of your outstretched arm is being stretched. Breathe here for 10 breaths. Turn back toward the wall, take the hand higher on the wall, rotate away and repeat for 10 breaths. Finally, turn back to the wall and lower your arm toward your hip on the wall, rotate away and repeat for 10 more breaths.

**Before assuming that you have carpel tunnel syndrome, it’s a good idea to have a doctor look at the inflamed area to get a diagnosis. Information in this post is not to be considered medical advice.

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