It Doesn't Have to be a Complicated Commitment.

Private Teachers in Your Home + Instruction Your Body Craves =


You want to build posture that shouts “I’m here!” when you walk into a room.
To not feel guilty about the glasses of shiraz (and dessert – oh the dessert!) you had at dinner last night.
To run faster than you could at 22.

To run faster than your kids.


You have a complete team of teachers and trainers at your fingertips to help you do just that. We’ve been on the move around New York & Los Angeles since 2005, practicing what we teach, and teaching what we discover. We live for adrenaline rushes, workout highs, zen chill outs and sweets every so often. (Because, really, how good can life be without sweets?)

Once and for all, you can figure out exactly what works for your body, your schedule, and your needs, without even leaving the house. It’s all on your terms.

Because who has time to waste doing what’s best for everyone else? Not you.


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We make it easy, and immediate!



Check out What is Your Wellness Vision?  to tell us your goals. 
Your Advisor, Alyssa, will email you to set up a phone call, so look out for her email!



In your phone call or email exchange, Alyssa will help you design a fitness and wellness plan that works with your schedule and level. With your vision in mind, we will recommend an appropriate mix of modalities that meet your goals and take time to match you with the teacher(s), trainer(s) or therapist(s) who fit your needs.



Alyssa will then work with your chosen teacher(s), trainer(s) or therapist(s) to schedule your initial sessions and will have you fill out a Health History & Waiver form. You will receive confirmation of your sessions via email from our online scheduling tool, MindBody Online.



Enjoy your first session with your teacher, trainer or therapist! You’re off to a healthy start!


Imagine that your yoga teacher, massage therapist and nutritionist could speak and work with your Physician and Physical Therapist to support you in your wellness goals.


How would that feel?


We regularly work closely with Physicians and Physical Therapists to integrate their recommendations in our client’s training. Keeping you safe is our top priority and our teachers and trainers are among the most educated and best in the business.


You’re closer to being a Barefoot Tiger than you think.
Interested in trying it out?

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Being a Barefoot Tiger is a Way of Life


Our guiding principles:


To Guide and Be Guided – Barefoot Tigers share their knowledge to help others achieve their goals and remain open to the guidance and teaching of other people.


To Be Humbly Powerful – Barefoot Tigers are proud of what they have created in life, the work they are doing and where they are going. Quiet power lies in knowing that they are strong and able, yet humble in their accomplishments.


To Be Human – We are all human. We are all real. Barefoot Tigers know that they may stray from their path once in a while, but they always have the strength to come back to it. Even if it means asking for a little guidance.