5 Benefits of Doing At Home Yoga

05 Jul 5 Benefits of Doing At Home Yoga

Seeing the number of yoga classes available these days, it might be surprising to know that yoga began as a practice taught one-on-one. As yoga became popular in western culture, classes have become the norm to enable more people to experience the benefits of the practice.

Taking it back to its roots, practicing yoga at home has many benefits!

1 –  Personal attention to your alignment and form – If you feel lost in a crowded yoga class, have injuries, or are just getting started with yoga and need a more personal attention, at home yoga might be for you. A private yoga teacher can focus all of her attention on your alignment and design a class specifically for you, on that specific day. Which leads us to…

2 – Flexibility (and we’re not talking about your own…) – When you practice yoga at home with a private teacher, there is more open communication between you and and teacher. At times the session can feel like a conversation and practice of exploration rather than a follow-the-leader class. It’s a two-way communication focused on what you need that day rather than doing what the teacher feels like doing (which is often what her own body is craving, not yours). Have a  specific ache that needs attention one day? A private yoga teacher can center the entire class around helping you feel your best by the end of the session.

3 – Privacy – Big classes and gyms can feel overwhelming and overly public, especially if you are new to the practice. As you explore how your body works, doing yoga at home can give you the comfort to let go of inhibitions and work through your poses with confidence. Plus, you don’t have to worry about comparing yourself to a 20-year old gymnast doing pretzel moves on the mat next to you.

4 – Ease of transition – Practicing yoga at home with a teacher is a great way to encourage an at home practice on your own. Once you have created the space for your practice, you are more likely to return to it again and again, with our without your teacher there.

5 – No rushing to class – It’s the ultimate yoga paradox: leaving work at the last minute and running to yoga class, making it just in time to sit on your mat in meditation…completely out of breath. If you’re practicing at home, you have the joy of rolling out of bed and right onto your yoga mat, no rushing needed. Who could ask for more?
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